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Investing in Students’ Sound Financial Savvy

November 20, 2015

OMEGA Processing Solutions’ support bolsters Newport Central Catholic’s personal finance education initiative. Program uses innovative gaming app to reinforce school’s commitment to ‘sharing in the education of the whole person.’

[Ft. Thomas, Kentucky] Students in the newly required Personal Finance class at Newport Central Catholic (NCC) were surprised to learn of their homework ‒ playing an online game. Through an innovative partnership with locally based OMEGA Processing Solutions, NCC students are being immersed into an online world of financial decision making via Thrive ‘n’ Shine, a cutting edge gaming app.

Studies show that students who take a class in personal finance are more likely to engage in financially responsible behaviors, including saving, budgeting and investing money. In fact, former Federal Reserve Chief Alan Greenspan has stated, “The number one problem in today’s generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy.” Recognizing this compelling educational need, NCC recently decided to require all students to take a personal finance class during their high school careers.

The current generation of high school students has been raised on computer screens and the Internet. As a result, it has been found that gaming provides an excellent alternative to traditional learning activities whereby learners can engage in subject matter in a fun and competitive way. In developing their personal finance course curriculum, NCC educators recognized the value of incorporating gaming as a way of reinforcing basic financial principles learned within the class.

Enter a serendipitous series of events that resulted in the introduction and connection of OMEGA Processing Solutions CEO Scott Anderson, NCC Principal Jason Huther and MindBlown Labs Co-founder Ty Moore. Through a personal connection, Anderson learned of MindBlown Labs’ Thrive ‘n’ Shine venture and sought to support the implementation of the learning tool at the school.

“As a business owner and a parent, I see firsthand the importance of today’s students learning the basics of personal finance,” says Anderson. “As they prepare to enter the ‘real world’ students need to understand the long-lasting benefits of making sound financial decisions.”

Students are introduced to approximately 15 learning outcomes through the Thrive ‘n’ Shine game, including taxes, budgeting, bankruptcy, insurance, credit cards, earnings potential and time value of money. By creating a character and progressing through the game, students begin to understand the ramifications of daily life choices. The game reinforces financial concepts taught during class in an engaging, competitive and personalized way. The formidable combination of the class and game have already made a measurable impact on NCC students.

“Students learned very quickly that if they forgot to do their ‘job’ each day, pay the rent or pay their taxes, they were going to have a tough time getting by,” reports Nathan Dilts, Personal Finance teacher at NCC. “The app gave our students a fun and unique way to learn. It was a great device for extended and real-life learning in our Personal Finance program.”

“We’re proud to have been able to partner with NCC on the introduction of this innovative and valuable learning tool,” continues OMEGA Processing’s Anderson. “Throughout our company’s history, we have taken an active role in supporting youth programs within our community. Thrive ‘n’ Shine provided us with a new opportunity to have a positive impact.”


About OMEGA Processing Solutions

OMEGA Processing Solutions offers electronic payments processing, mobile payments solutions, point-of-sale systems, funding and customer gift card and loyalty programs, to over 7,000 merchants nationwide. OMEGA has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, is a member of the BBB Center for Marketplace Ethics Leadership Circle and has made four recent appearances on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies. For more information, please visit www.omegap.com or call 866.888.9724.

About Mindblown Labs

MindBlown Labs is an education technology company that creates highly interactive, experiential learning tools to empower young people to make better life decisions. Their first solution is Thrive ‘n’ Shine, a best-in-class financial capability and millennial engagement tool. MindBlown labs has been awarded, in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati Center for Economics, a U.S. Treasury grant to develop and evaluate a new, innovative framework for providing school-based financial capability instruction to high school students

About Newport Central Catholic High School

Newport Central Catholic High School is a coeducational private secondary school in Newport, Kentucky, and part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington. The school is committed to sharing in the education of the whole person with the family, the parish, and the civic community. NCC leads each student to understand and develop personal giftedness and freedom through its curriculum and other activities. This focus provides for all facets of growth in an atmosphere guided by the principles and teaching of the Catholic Church.



Speed, Control and Profit with 2Touch POS and OMEGA Processing Solutions

October 29, 2015
bar-products-as-seen-on-bar-rescue-bannerLooking for “Speed. Control and Profit” in your bar, restaurant or retail business? 2Touch POS​ can help. OMEGA Processing Solutions, LLC is the leading tri-state distributor of 2Touch point-of-sale systems, which have appeared on Bar Rescue​, Cincinnati.com, Nation’s Restaurant News​, CBS MoneyWatch​  and numerous other national outlets.
Leadership attributes 2Touch’s strict focus on building POS solutions for bar and restaurant environments as major key to company’s success.
Business Solutions magazine article
Interested in what OMEGA Processing and 2Touch POS can do for your business?
Visit https://www.omegap.com/upload/files/POS%20flyer%20-%20general.pdf for more info.
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“At Guaranty You’re More Than a Customer. You’re Family.”

October 28, 2015

OMEGA MVP coming up on 50 years of family owned business

For years now we’ve seen the rise in technology and the decline in outdoor activities. But when people do go outside, camping has proven to be one of the top activities in the United States. To many, though, a tent just doesn’t seem to cut it. Today, there is a record 9 million RVs on the road in the U.S. Why aren’t you one of them? Luckily, Guaranty Chevrolet and RV Super Center can help you get out of your house, on the road, and enjoying the fresh air.


When Herb Nill headed out to Junction City, Oregon, to purchase vehicles for the used car company he was working with, he came across something even better. Herb had been interested in purchasing a new car franchise for quite a while and it just so happened these owners were looking to sell. In 1966, Herb Nill purchased that small-town Chevrolet-Oldsmobile dealership, and Guaranty as we know it got its start.

The business began to grow with help of the now-famous message, “Eggs are cheaper in the country, and so are cars and trucks”, referring to the inexpensive fresh food Junction City had in the pre-World War II era. But Guaranty’s introduction of the RV in the early 70’s is what really set the company up to flourish. How? “Being in the right place at the right time and being willing to take a gamble”, said Ed Morgan of Guaranty. “As the RV business took off, Guaranty’s sales of RV’s took off with it and has been a core of the RV business ever since.”

Guaranty, a family owned business for 49 years, has continued to expand over the years. From the buying and selling of cars, trucks, motorhomes, and trailers, to RV rentals for vacation and fun, and of course full service, repair and sale of parts, Guaranty is sure to take care of your every need. But that’s not all they offer. With on site sales events, hosting’s of RV meeting places, driving schools for both new and current RV’ers to practice their driving skills, and a travel center with a full service kitchen, beer and wine, and laundromat, Guaranty is there for you for every aspect of your trip and needs.

Just looking for a day of fun with family and friends? Guaranty also offers a Willamette Valley Wine Tour RV Adventure. Enjoy eight hours of touring four or five of some of the best wineries in Southern Willamette Valley. And there’s no need to worry about choosing your designated driver—Guaranty provides you with both the RV and a professional driver with door to door pick up and drop off!

As for the future, Guaranty is currently investing almost 4 million dollars in upgrades, as well as expanding the facilities to include 10 more service bays and a 58 space RV park, projected to become available this timetop50_3 next year. The proof is in the pudding. The lasting legacy of Guaranty built on selection, service and savings has paved the way for the future to be just as bright.

But what makes Guaranty stand above the competition? With a motto like “Guaranty Does Whatever is Right”, how could it not? “What sets us apart is our people, our selection and our expertise in the RV industry”, Ed began saying. “We have great people who care about each other and our customers and they treat people well. We constantly strive to live up to our motto.” Employees truly go to great lengths and the extra mile to help customers not only receive the best service available, but also fully enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Ed finished with a final thought, “This is a great company and one I am proud to be associated with. We have a tremendous workforce: talented, caring and hardworking and we believe in the work we do.”

Whether you’re in search for a car, truck, SUV or enjoying all the great qualities of an RV, Guaranty is the place to go. By giving each customer the knowledge and attention, you’ll be able to receive exactly what you’ve been looking for. Consistently recognized as a regional leader in automotive sales and one of the largest RV dealers in the nation, Guaranty is located at 93636 Hwy 99 South, Junction City, Oregon 97448. You can also check out their website to look at all the great offers they have. So go head on over to Guaranty and find out what you could be missing out on!MVP LOGO

The OMEGA MVP program was organized to help recognize, celebrate and promote the merchants, vendors and partners of OMEGA Processing Solutions. Guaranty RV Super Center has been an OMEGA Processing Solutions merchant since 2013.

To Grow, To Shine, To Grow Brilliant

October 7, 2015

OMEGA MVP Highlights the Inspiration of Candeo


As parents of teenagers with significant disabilities began to look at options as their children transitioned to adulthood, they realized they needed something more. In early 1992, parents became unhappy that after graduation, their child would have to move out of the Ankeny, Iowa, area, a place where they had built relationships and a foundation with the community, into large, segregated homes. They decided they needed a place to support adults with disabilities in an environment they had grown up with that would specifically meet each individual’s unique needs.


By 1993, what was then Creative Community Options, opened its doors and began to support adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Supported Employment Services. Shortly after, they added Supported Community Living Services, helping Candeo grow, develop and learn more about supporting adults with disabilities. In 2002, it became apparent services for individuals with Autism and Asperger’s was severely lacking. Over the next year, with the help of Mental Health experts, Candeo was able to add services to adults who have a Mental Illness diagnosis. 2008 brought the decision to add Brain Injury services and was advertising their tailored support of each client.

Also in 2008, the change from Creative Community Options to Candeo came about. Latin for “to grow, to shine, to grow brilliant”, Candeo sees the growth, the light, and the worth of each of their clients each and every day.

Candeo is one of the only 100% Community Based Providers in the state of Iowa. Each client is able to receive services in their own homes and within the Ankeny area community. “All of our clients have goals and our staff works to support them in achieving their dreams”, Candeo Community Liaison, Blair Rosenberg said. “Our clients have voices and opinions that deserve to be heard. Clients are supported in finding lasting, meaningful careers.” If fact, Candeo doesn’t even own facilities or properties for clients to work and live. A person comes because they want to be a part of the community, not placed somewhere. Faculty and staff work with the individual client to find work, an apartment and a roommate within the existing infrastructure in the community.

But it is not just the clients who grow and shine at Candeo. With a goal to ‘work their way out of a job,’ the staff gets the pleasure of teaching and watching each individual strive for complete independence. “It is a blessing to watch clients grow and continue to better themselves,” Blair said while talking about her work. “I love knowing that our employees make a huge difference in our clients’ lives and vice versa. Seeing a client come out of institutional placement and move into their own apartment, creating healthy life for themselves is an irreplaceable joy.”

Are you looking to get involved? Candeo has many ways for you to donate your time, talent and spirit. Whether it be sending items and attending the upcoming fashion show auction, spending time to help further clients progress, or simply donating funds to allow them to serve more clients and fulfill their mission, Candeo will always be an inspiring organization worth every ounce of help.

Candeo’s Vision—A community empowered by the contribution of all.

For more information, stories, employment opportunities, and donations, visit their website or call 515.259.8110. You can also email Blair directly for any questions about the company. Candeo is located at 9550 White Oak Lane Johnston, Iowa 50131.


The OMEGA MVP program was organized to help recognize, celebrate and promote the Merchants, Vendors and Partners of OMEGA Processing Solutions. Candeo has been an OMEGA merchant since August 2014.

EMV Update — September 2015

September 24, 2015

As the October EMV Liability Shift date approaches, we wanted to provide a clear explanation of EMV in today’s payments industry landscape, as well as a realistic look at what the coming months will bring.

EMV Chip Card Background

EMV is a joint effort between the card brands to increase card and cardholder security across the globe. Rather than relying on card mag stripe technology (which is the same technology used in cassette tapes), EMV payments use “smart” or “chip” cards. The new cards encode a user’s account information in the embedded chip, which generates a unique, one-time code for each sale. This prevents the data from being used to create counterfeit cards.

Chip cards will be entered into the terminal during a transaction, not swiped. In order to take advantage of the new security measures, existing swipe terminals must be upgraded to EMV-compliant equipment. However, chip cards will still be able to be swiped, as they are today, if a terminal does not support chip transactions.

October Liability Shift Deadline

Starting in October, new rules will go into effect around the financial liability for counterfeit fraud losses. Simply put, the liability for the fraudulent transaction will shift to the party that is not EMV-enabled. If all parties are EMV-enabled, the liability will typically stay with the card issuer.

EMV Challenges for Restaurants

Unlike most other retail settings, where the biggest consumer-facing change for chip cards will be to ask the shopper to dip the card rather than swipe it, restaurants must entirely rethink how they handle card payments. Because the card is never supposed to leave the possession of the cardholder, servers will no longer be able to carry the patron’s card away from the table. Restaurants will either have to implement a “pay-at-the-table” device or have a single register or payment kiosk. It will also mean that diners may have to choose a tip amount at the time they present the card.

POS System and Mobile Payments Users

EMV-enabled hardware and software solutions for point-of-sale systems and mobile payment applications are not fully developed as of yet. Rest assured, we are in frequent contact with our vendor solutions partners. When our partners are able to provide a viable solution for our merchants, OMEGA will be in contact about upgrades and deployment.

QSR/FPS Terminal Applications

EMV provides challenges for non-tip merchants who do not want to bother with a signature if a purchase is under $25. The EMV application will require a signature, regardless of the amount. However, for merchants who have selected the QSR terminal application, there will not be a signature required for any non-EMV transaction under $25.

Starting Point… Not the Endpoint

As the US payments market moves toward EMV adoption, here are some points to consider. According to Visa, just 18% of the 720 million Visa-branded credit, debit and prepaid cards in the US contained an EMV chip as of July. Also, only approximately 4% of merchants and 7% of bank and retail ATMs were enabled for chip card acceptance. While this number is growing, the reality is that not all merchants will be chip card-enabled by October 1, nor are they required to be. According to a Visa official, the company sees “October 1 as the starting point, not the endpoint” of the US conversion.


OMEGA Processing has multiple EMV-enabled terminals available, with various pricing and financing options. We are working closely with the processing networks to ensure that the processing applications are field-ready and free of errors. Please contact our customer service center at 866.888.9724 Ext. 7 with any questions or for more information.

EMv image

“Our goal is to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable” Mic’s Pub celebrated as OMEGA MVP

September 18, 2015


Do you find yourself looking for a nice place to enjoy a craft or import beer at corner pub prices? That’s exactly what owner Mike (Mic) McDonald set out to do when he opened Mic’s Pub five years ago.

With so many young business professionals moving into the area, there was a need for a place for them to get the drinks they truly wanted. “I boast over 30 different beers and 22 top shelf bourbons,” Mic says. “If there’s something we don’t have that you would like, just let us know, and we will do our best to get it for you.”

Mic’s offers daily specials, ensuring you never have to break the bank. They have food catered every Sunday for free, as well as, $5 dollar top shelf bourbon once a month. And don’t forget about Karaoke every Wednesday night from 8 p.m.-12:30 a.m. with $1.50 Keystone Light. It’s always a blast and a sure fire way to have a great time!

Located in Latonia, Kentucky, Mic’s is the perfect place to celebrate before, during or after Bengals or Reds games. During Bengals games you can get $3.50 Bengal bombs and $8 buckets. He’ll even host your Fantasy Football Draft!

When you’re not enjoying the company and conversation with the wonderful staff and customers or singing your heart out on karaoke, you can find a variety of entertainment with the jukebox, darts and golf machine. They’re even planning on adding a patio in the near future, allowing you to spend your summer days and nights outdoors enjoying the fresh air.

If you want a laid back afternoon filled with cheers—Mic’s is a place for you. Looking for a night of good times and letting loose? Yep, Mic’s has that too!

Mic’s Pub is open from 3 p.m. – 1 a.m., Monday- Friday and 12 p.m. – 1 a.m., Saturday and Sunday. They are located at 3702 Huntington Ave at the corner of E Southern & Huntington in Latonia, Kentucky. Check out their Facebook Page for daily drink specials and entertainment and go have a drink at Mic’s!

The OMEGA MVP program was organized to help recognize, celebrate and promote the merchants, vendors and partners of OMEGA Processing Solutions. Mic’s Pub has been an OMEGA merchant since May 2015.

Card Fraud Losses Toped $16 Billion in 2014

August 11, 2015

Fraud losses incurred by card issuers, merchants and acquirers reached $16.31 billion in 2014 per The Nilson Report. Are your electronic payments systems protected?

Card loss chart


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