OMEGA Processing Solutions Joins Ohio Bankers League

February 26, 2015

OMEGA Processing Solutions is VERY excited to announce our acceptance as an Affiliate Member of the Ohio Bankers League. We’re looking forward to partnering with the OBL and its members on many future endeavors.

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1 BILLION Data Records Compromised in 2014

February 19, 2015

As the Wall Street Journal reported this week, nearly 1 billion data records were compromised in 1,500 attacks last year — a 49% increase in the number of attacks. According to the study by international digital security firm, Gemalto, identity theft was by far the biggest type of attack with 54% of the breaches involving the theft of personal data,

What’s OMEGA Processing Solutions doing to help our merchants protect their customers’ data? For one, we have a comprehensive, industry-leading data security program containing both compliance and protection features. Here’s an overview of our program and answers to important questions you might have.

The OMEGA Processing Solutions data security program has four components — PCI ToolKit, Data Incident Management Program, Vulnerability Scanning and Breach Insurance. OMEGA Processing merchants are enrolled in the program upon boarding.

How does OMEGA Processing’s Data Protection solution increase my data security? The program’s PCI ToolKit guides you through the process involved in becoming PCI compliant. You will use the toolkit to complete your Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), develop security policies and complete employee security training. Our data protection program also features quarterly Vulnerability Scanning for merchants with IP terminals, virtual terminals and POS systems. Scanning detects any vulnerable points in a merchant’s IP systems so that they may be remedied BEFORE card/cardholder data theft occurs.

What happens in the event my business experiences a data breach? OMEGA Processing’s Data Incident Management Program is a comprehensive suite of services that provides expert assistance to merchant in the event of a data incident, giving them peace of mind while saving them time and money. The program consists of six different components: Data Incident Forensic Services; Data Incident Notification Services; Consumer Notification Services; Legal Services; Equipment Replacement; Data Incident Public Relations Management. In addition, OMEGA Processing’s Breach protection provides up to $100,00 to cover potential fines and fees in the event a merchant experiences a data incident.

Want more info? Contact our customer service center today to schedule a review of your current data security program and see how OMEGA Processing can you protect your customer’s data.

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It’s Beyond Cold…. Here Are Some Warming Thoughts

February 18, 2015

Tonight’s low? -8 degrees

Thursday’s high? 8 degrees

Halfway into a what’s looking like a week of snowy and extremely cold days, it’s easy to get a little down. Here are few encouraging thoughts that might help.

  • The average high in Greater Cincinnati one month from today is 55 degrees.
  • St. Patrick’s day is under one month away.
  • Over the course of the month of March, the length of the day increases 1.17 hours.
  • MLB Opening Day is 46 days away.

And… even in the midst of this miserable stretch of weather, there’s beauty to be found.

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Payments Secured

February 2, 2015

Members of the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) annually process nearly $5 trillion in U.S. transactions. This ETA-produced video outlines the payments industry’s cyber security initiatives.

Payments secured

Visa’s 10-Step Guide to EMV Implementation

January 30, 2015

1. Build internal implementation team
2. Assess current environment
3. Build knowledge base
4. Conduct needs analysis
5. Initiate & review internal plans
6. Finalize implementation decisions
7. Work with selected stakeholders
8. Test Test Test
9. Train point-of-sale staff
10. Pilot implementation
Let OMEGA Processing guide you along your EMV roadmap. Call 866.888.9724 or go to TODAY!


OMEGA Processing Game of the Week

January 30, 2015

Tonight’s OMEGA Processing Solutions Game of the Week webcast will feature Cooper (11-6) vs. Ryle (4-14). Cooper won the December matchup between these cross-county rivals. Game time is 7:30. Stay warm and watch the live action here
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2013 Was the Worst Year in History for Data Breaches — 740 MILLION Records Exposed!

January 23, 2015

“This is the new normal. This is what you’re going to see on a recurring basis.”

Bob Anderson, Jr., Executive Assistant Director — FBI’s Criminal Cyber Response and Services Division

Data Breach stats

Contact us to learn about our industry-leading Data Protection program.

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