No-Hassle Business Funding from OMEGA Processing

September 28, 2017

Want to stock up on inventory before the busy holiday season? Do you have expansion plans for 2018? OMEGA Processing’s business funding program provides working capital so that you can expand, remodel, upgrade equipment, hire new employees, retire debit or meet any other cash needs.

With our funding program, you enter into a purchase agreement with OMEGA Processing. In exchange for an designated amount of funding, you contract to sell a set amount of future credit card receipts back to OMEGA Processing every month. The specified percentage of the receipts and the term of the payback agreement are agreed upon ahead of time.

Advantages to you?

  • No collateral, hidden fees or closing costs
  • No hassle – we deduct the payment automatically from your credit card receipts
  • No need to worry about making set payment amount during down times because payment percentage is tied to credit card sales.

For more information about Business Funding Solutions from OMEGA Processing, go to our website or call 866.888.9724 Ext. 7.


What’s on Your Business Wish List?

December 30, 2016

What could you do with $20,000 or $50,000?

Expand your business…  retire debt… pay taxes… upgrade equipment… smooth out cash flow?

OMEGA Processing Solutions can help. Our no-hassle business funding program provides short-term working capital so you can focus on your business and meeting financial goals.

Get the cash you need now, and pay back the amount with a small percentage of each day’s credit card sales.

Our working capital program features:

  • High approval rates
  • In-house underwriting and approval
  • No set-up fees or closing costs
  • Simple application
  • Fast turnaround
  • NO collateral
  • Simple and quick renewal

Call and get qualified today — 866.888.9724 Ext. 7


Make Your 2016 Business Wish List a Reality

January 4, 2016

What’s on your business wish list for 2016? A remodel or expansion? Equipment upgrades? A new point-of-sale system to better manage your business and control costs? Capital funding from OMEGA Processing Solutions can give you the short-term cash that you need.

How it works

With hassle-free business funding from OMEGA Processing, there is no collateral, hidden fees or closing costs. As an OMEGA merchant, you agree to sell back to us a small percentage of your future credit card sales. No fixed payment schedule or business-use restrictions means flexibility for your business. In addition, your capital funding agreement with OMEGA will not have any impact on your ability to qualify for other financing if needed.

Funding with OMEGA Processing is fast, with no strings attached. All funding decisions are made in-house by OMEGA personnel — often with 24 hours. Visit the Business Funding section of our website for more information and a free, no-obligation quote.

Short-term capital funding from OMEGA can help you focus on what you do best — running your business. Let OMEGA Processing help you take your business to the next level in 2016.