Mobile Made Easy with OMEGA

November 8, 2017

Now you’ll never miss a sales opportunity with OMEGA’s mobile payment solutions. Every business is different, and OMEGA has different mobile payment options to suit various operational needs. Here’s a breakdown of our mobile offerings. Which one works best for you?

SwipeSimple Mobile Reader

EMV mobile payment solution using the free SwipeSimple app for iOS and Android devices. Online merchant dashboard provides inventory, product and account management capabilities. Bluetooth-enabled reader option is now available.

Mobile Swipe Reader with VT

Non-EMV mobile swipe reader using the free iProcess app for iOS and Android devices. This option includes all standard features of OMEGA VT, our virtual terminal product, including e-commerce, invoicing, billing, as well as upgraded security and fraud-protection options.

Mobile-Only Swipe Reader

Non-EMV mobile reader without the full virtual terminal services. The reader uses the iProcess app for iOS And Android devices and has limited reporting and administrative virtual terminal functions.

USB Reader

This Ingenico brand card reader connects to a computer and OMEGA’s VT product for card-present transactions. EMV and non-EMV options are available. This includes all standard virtual terminal features, including e-commerce, invoicing, billing, as well as upgraded security and fraud-protection options.

Check out these videos for more info on our mobile products, then contact OMEGA’s customer service department at 866.888.9724 Ext. 7 for product and pricing details.


Happy (2nd) New Year!

August 9, 2017

August is back to school season, which means a new year, goals, challenges and opportunities. Now, expand that thinking from your childhood into your current world.

August presents you with the opportunity for a “reset” of sort and the chance to revisit opportunities and improvements you can implement in the remaining months of 2017.

Brighten Your Holidays with Gift Cards

With just over 100 days until Black Friday, NOW is the time to start preparing for the upcoming holiday shopping season. OMEGA Processing’s easy-to-use gift cards can help make your holiday shopping season brighter. And, our gift cards double as customer rewards cards as well. Register the customers into your loyalty program when they redeem the card and keep them coming back to your business.

Cross a Few Items Off Your Wish List

What could you do with $20,000 or $30,000? Expand your business…  retire debt… pay taxes… upgrade equipment… smooth out cash flow?

OMEGA Processing’s no-hassle business funding program provides short-term working capital so you can focus on your business and meeting financial goals. Get the cash you need now, and pay back the amount with a small percentage of each day’s credit card sales.

Streamline Operations and Improve Your Bottom Line

OMEGA’s virtual processing system (OMEGA VT) allows you to electronically invoice your customers, reducing paperwork and receivables. Plus you can earn lower interchange rates on B2B transactions. Finally, OMEGA VT provides e-commerce payment solutions, allowing your customers to pay directly from your website.

Never Miss a Sale

With our mobile payment solutions, you will never miss out on the opportunity to make a sale. We have two app options that both work on iOS and Android mobile devices, and our mobile card readers allow you to swipe or dip cards for lower interchange rates.


A Good Thing Just Got Better — SwipeSimple Dashboard Enhancements Released

August 3, 2017

SwipeSimple is OMEGA’s mobile EMV mobile payment solution. The system consists of a card reader, payment app and merchant dashboard. Some recent enhancements to the SwipeSimple web dashboard are good news for users. Here are the details:

Transactions Page

  • Transactions can now be located by Cardholder Name or Auth Code, in addition to the standard transaction details.
  • Transactions can be sorted by Transaction Number, Amount, Auth Code, Cardholder Name (on swiped and dipped transactions) and the last four digits on the card.
  • You can also search for transactions by keying in the above options.

Transactions page.png

Transaction Details Page

  • Select a transaction on the page to view additional details, perform voids or refunds and resend receipts.
  • Transaction details now include Cardholder Name (on swiped and dipped transactions), Auth Code and any related transactions.

Transaction Details Page

Never miss a sale with SwipeSimple, OMEGA Processing’s powerful, mobile EMV payments solution. Call us to learn more — 866.888.9724.




SwipeSimple: Mobile Made Better

October 18, 2016

SwipeSimple is OMEGA Processing’s secure EMV payment solution that combines the flexibility of mobile with the power and insights of a POS terminal. The EMV card reader and iOS/Android payment app allow you to make the sale whenever and wherever you need.

STEP 1: Download the App — Available on iTunes or Google Play, the SwipeSimple app allows you to start accepting payments on your mobile device.

STEP 2: Plug in the EMV Chip Card Reader — The Rugged, reliable and secure chip card reader accepts both magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards.

STEP 3: Customize and Manage your Business — Use the online merchant dashboard to manage inventory, customize receipts, add tip options, create summary reports and manage settings.


Check out these SwipeSimple features:

  • Easy access and log in
  • Mobile device optimization
  • Offline transaction mode when there’s not wireless or cellular service
  • Credit card AND cash transaction processing
  • Multi employee and merchant account access
  • Keyed transactions
  • Transaction detail
  • Customer, sale AND user analytics
  • Receipts sent via text or email
  • Simple voids and refunds
  • Cloud-based inventory

Are you ready to securely accept payments on the go? Contact OMEGA Processing Solutions today — 866.888.9724

mobile devices.png

Are You Ready to Tap and Go?

April 25, 2016
Today’s mobile payments use Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to exchange payment data between the mobile device and credit card terminal. Have you tried to “Tap and Go” yet?Mobile Payments.JPG

OMEGA VT Product Overview

January 20, 2016

Our secure, web-based Virtual Terminal (OMEGA VT) allows merchants to process transactions without having to purchase expensive processing software programs or countertop terminals. OMEGA VT resides on an off-site server and is accessible through a secure web portal from any PC with an internet connection, day or night. No software upgrades are ever necessary, and no worries about storing cardholder data on your PC. OMEGA VT eliminates the need for constant PCI upgrades to stay compliant and reduces your exposure to compromised card data. All card and cardholder data is stored on our secure PCI-audited server, not on your PC.

  • Customizable Sales Templates: Eliminate the clutter of fields you don’t use. Simple template customization for disabling unwanted fields.
  • Twenty Custom Fields: We know every business is different. Along with that comes the need to capture industry or business-specific information, so we have included the ability for you to create up to 20 custom fields that you can tailor to your specific needs.
  • Robust, Full-Function Reporting: Historical transaction information is stored for up to three years and can easily be accessed via the OMEGA VT Reporting Tool. Robust transaction search criteria options allow you to quickly find the data you are looking for, without having to sift through a filing cabinet or match up receipts and settlement reports.
  • QuickBooks: Formatted reporting
  • Batch Upload: For sending and authorizing large numbers of transactions simultaneously.

virtual terminal

Recurring Billing

Setting up recurring billing payments for membership, service or rental fees has never been easier. The OMEGA VT Recurring Billing utility is user-friendly, flexible and ‒ best of all ‒ comes with your Virtual Terminal account at no additional cost.

Customer Vault / Online Customer Database

The Customer Vault picks up where Recurring Billing leaves off by allowing you to store customer and card information securely off-site, without having to assign a specific payment plan. If you frequently do business with the same customers, but not always on the same days or for the same amounts, then the Customer Vault is a perfect fit for you.

eCommerce Gateway

OMEGA VT can be integrated with your website for accepting payments directly from your web store. Transactions are securely captured and processed in real time and generate a receipt that can be displayed and emailed. All transactions are recorded in the Virtual Terminal Reporting and can be quickly retrieved for performing voids and refunds.

VT processing

Retail Swipe/Card Present Processing

Do you process card present transactions but still want to take advantage of OMEGA VT’s other services such as mobile processing, recurring billing, customer vault or invoicing? You can, simply by using OMEGA VT’s        Retail Swipe program and a USB card reader.          Utilizing the Retail Swipe service gives you                      the best of both worlds, and there’s no need                                 to purchase an additional terminal.


Electronic Invoicing allows you to generate invoices with line-by-line detailed information. Invoices are automatically converted to PDFs, attached via email and sent to customers’ billing addresses. Customers simply follow a link in the email to pay their open invoices

electronic invoicing

Level II and Level III Processing ‒ B2B

Earn lower interchange rates on B2B transactions with Level II and Level III Processing. Do you mainly process B2B transactions with an occasional consumer transaction? Level II Processing can mean a 0.50% -1.50% savings on interchange rates, and it’s built in to every OMEGA VT account. Level III Processing provides an even better interchange rate savings opportunity but is most appropriate for merchants who primarily process B2B transactions using government or corporate purchasing cards. Level III Processing requires a number of extended data fields and is limited to certain processing networks.

iSpy Fraud Security Suite

Stop fraud before it happens! iSpyFraud adds additional layers of security when using the OMEGA VT and payment gateway for processing transactions through your web store. iSpyFraud is a rule-set based, fraud-management utility that allows you to configure extensive filters to help you detect and screen suspicious transactions. The thorough reporting system gives you a quick and easy way to review transactions, block suspicious activity and zero in on malicious users. iSpyFraud looks at transactions both before and after processing and can decline them both before and after authorization. This security suite increases security, decreases chargebacks and reduces product lost from fraudulent transactions.

QuickBooksTM SyncPay

QuickBooks TM SyncPay plug-in provides support for synchronization and payment processing from directly within QuickBooks ProTM, QuickBooks PremierTM, and QuickBooks EnterpriseTM (version 2007+) . Not compatible with POS and Online versions.

Quickclick Integration and Shopping Cart

Quickclick is a quick and easy way to integrate the OMEGA VT and Gateway with your web store without having to hire a web designer. Quickclick is a 2-in-1 HTML generator that first allows to you create and customize products on your website and then create customized payment buttons and fields ‒ all without having to write a single line of HTML code on your own.


VT Product Manager

The VT Product Manager is a virtual database that you    can use to store frequently sold items for quick recall  when making transactions. Also, you can create Item Packages that bundle multiple items. An Auto-Calculate tool totals the order total and auto-populates the information onto the screen. There is no additional cost   for the VT Product Manager.

Payer Authentication (VbV/MCSC)

Also known as Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard® SecureCodeTM (MCSC), Payer Authentication allows consumers to shop online more securely. VbV/MCSC enables cardholders to create a PIN and assign it to their credit or debit card. During checkout, the customer is prompted to enter their PIN. The cardholder’s identity can then be confirmed by their Card Issuing bank. Visa and MasterCard reward merchant adoption of these programs by providing chargeback protection for domestic and international transactions.

Mobile Payments

Accept payments anywhere with the free iProcess Mobile Payment app. In addition, you can purchase an encrypted mobile swipe to swipe credit cards and obtain card- present rates.

Mobile-Payments resized for website


OMEGA Processing Offers Mobile-Only Payments Solution

December 17, 2012


OMEGA Processing’s new mobile-only payment processing service offers a low-cost, flexible option for merchants who want mobile processing but don’t require all of the features of our virtual terminal. The new option is available on most Apple and Android devices through the free iProcess app, which can be downloaded from the iTunes App store and Google Play. The optional ID TECH Shuttle card reader allows for card-present transactions and is available for purchase from OMEGA Processing.

OMEGA’s mobile-only platform provides the following features:

  • Maintenance-free PCI-compliance
  • Receipts delivered via e-mail
  • Digital signatures
  • Ability to add tips
  • Receipts tagged with location of sale
  • Easy-to-process refunds
  • Both swiped and keyed transactions
  • Reporting and limited administrative virtual terminal functions

With our original mobile processing platform, merchants can also enjoy the features of our industry-leading OMEGA VT virtual terminal service, including:

  • Secure web-based credit card processing
  • Recurring billing
  • Online customer database
  • E-Commerce gateway and shopping cart
  • Level II and III processing
  • Invoicing
  • QuickBooks sync
  • Additional security and fraud-protection options

As an added bonus, OMEGA VT’s QuickBooks SyncPay feature has recently been enhanced to include all transactions that are run through the virtual terminal. Simply complete your transaction and then perform a manual sync to upload the transaction data to Quickbooks.

So… enjoy mobile processing your way. Don’t pay for features you don’t need. Take advantage of the features you want. Contact OMEGA Processing at 866.888.9724 Ext. 7 for more information. OMEGA Processing. Finally a solution for mobile payments.