How can @OMEGAProcessing help you? ~ This Is My OMEGA: OMEGA Processing Solutions celebrates 10-Year Anniversary Mark with $1.5 Billion in Annual Payments Processing, expanded Data Center and National Network.

February 20, 2013

Welcome, won’t you please, Todd McHugh of OMEGA Processing Solutions.

And, welcome to “My OMEGA.”

At the end of the day, that’s sort of what it all is,” said McHugh, president of OMEGA Processing Solutions (, referring to the “trust” factor, and what it takes to grow to be a $1.5 billion payments processor.

It boils down to, it’s a trust sale; it’s a trust industry, if you will. We move roughly $1 billion a year in people’s money, in customers’ money. So …. you can’t mess that up! You’ve gotta get that right.”

Mr. McHugh was reflecting on the 10-year anniversary of OMEGA Processing, detailed in a Press Release on the company blog.

People trust us to get that right, and to make sure that money gets moved where it’s supposed to, gets deposited quickly, reliably and securely,” McHugh said.

Security is a big issue. We all see stories in the news, of people getting breached and comprised, and data security.

At OMEGA, we protect our customers. We have $100,000 insurance for all of our customers, on covering any of their losses, or any security breaches they would have. We’ve never had to use that; we’ve always been good at protecting our clients’ money.”

A perennial Inc. 5000 company (, OMEGA Processing has grown from a 2003 startup staffed by only McHugh, and his partner, CEO Scott Anderson, and a single employee, Daena Sprafka, now the Director of Merchant Operations at http://www.OMEGAP.comOMEGA Processing Solutions celebrates 10-year Anniversary - Logo

There are a lot of things that differentiate a company. I think, for us, it’s largely, when you think of OMEGA, there’s the old IBM saying, ‘Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM.‘ I like to think OMEGA as a lot like that,” McHugh added.

“If you choose us, you know you’re going to get a reliable company that moves money, that protects your money. It’s secure, and you’re gonna deal with world-class people that are going to take care of you.

We started off largely as a sales organization. We added Customer Service in-house, we added Risk in-house, we added Underwriting in-house, we added all of our Deployment in-house, so now we do everything here,” he said.

That’s a tribute to our people. We went from one person to 35 employees now. It’s something that, personally, I’m proud of, that we affect the lives of 30-some employees, that we’re making a difference in their lives, and they’re making a difference in our customers’ lives.”

McHugh, Anderson and Sprafka welcome the world to engage with OMEGA Processing. For more information, please call (866) 888-9724, visit, follow OMEGA on Twitter at @OmegaProcessing, or send Scott, Todd or Daena an email at, or

It’s really just about the people, and having good people, that you can trust, that really take their job to heart, and really enjoy what they do,” McHugh concludes.

It feels great. Ten years into the thing, and we’re still running strong, growing each year. Looking forward to another 10 years, and a great ride.”