The Bank of Kentucky Center, flagship namesake facility for The Bank of Kentucky, financial partner of OMEGA Processing Solutions: Epicenter of the universe today. At least for high school hoops in Northern Kentucky.

March 9, 2014
The Bank of Kentucky Center at Northern Kentucky University, flagship of The Bank of Kentucky, financial partner of OMEGA Processing Solutions.

The Bank of Kentucky Center at Northern Kentucky University, flagship namesake facility for The Bank of Kentucky, financial partner of OMEGA Processing Solutions.

The Bank of Kentucky Center is a flagship namesake facility for The Bank of Kentucky, financial partner of OMEGA Processing Solutions. Today, it’s also the epi-center of the universe for Northern Kentucky high school basketball.

“It doesn’t get any better than this,” is the Cincinnati Enquirer’s take on the rematch between Newport Central Catholic and Covington Catholic. Mother Nature suspended player earlier this season; both teams are undefeated in regional play, with the Thoroughbreds (NCC) standing at 17-0 and the Colonels (CC) at 11-0.

Home to Norse Basketball, The Bank of Kentucky Center will play host to the Noon tilt today. OMEGA Processing Solutions proudly handles payments processing for the 9,400-seat facility, and for The Bank of Kentucky.

In addition to NKU basketball, The Bank of Kentucky Center hosts concerts, conventions and sporting events, as well as fall and spring NKU commencement ceremonies. In 2012, The Bank of Kentucky Center hosted the NCAA Division II Men’s Elite Eight hoops tourney, which saw Western Washington win its first-ever national championship.

The Bank of Kentucky Center is also home to the Thomas J. Kearns Student-Athlete Academic Center, a dedicated area for study and tutoring for NKU’s student-athletes.

OMEGA Processing Solutions proudly handles the payments processing for The Bank of Kentucky Center, flagship of The Bank of Kentucky.

OMEGA Processing Solutions proudly handles payments processing for The Bank of Kentucky Center, and its namesake financial institution, The Bank of Kentucky.

Daena Sprafka of OMEGA Processing earns prestigious ETA Certified Payments Professional (ETA CPP) designation. Based in Washington, D.C., the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) is the premier trade association for the global electronic payments industry.

January 8, 2014
Ms. Daena Sprafka, Director of Merchant Accounts at

Ms. Daena Sprafka, Director of Merchant Accounts at

OMEGA Processing Solutions is pleased to announce that Director of Merchant Services Daena Sprafka has been granted the designation of ETA Certified Payments Professional (CPP), the professional certification program administered by the Electronic Transactions Association. A 10-year veteran of OMEGA Processing and the payments industry, Sprafka leads the company’s Merchants Services Division.

The ETA CPP designation signifies that an individual has demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to perform competently in today’s complex electronic payments environment.

Recognizing the need for today’s payments professionals to have a broad-based knowledge of the industry, the ETA launched the certification program in 2011.

By achieving the ETA CPP designation, Daena brings to OMEGA the highest level of expertise and distinction in our industry,” says Todd McHugh, President of OMEGA Processing Solutions.

OMEGA strongly encourages and supports any of our employees in their efforts to achieve this certification.”

The ETA CPP certification was developed with the assistance of subject matter experts in operations, risk and sales. The rigorous 125-question test covers six domains, including sales, risk, pricing/interchange, operations/workflow, products/solutions, and security/compliance.

A candidate must be a one-three year industry veteran in order to be able to sit for the exam. Those who are awarded the ETA CPP certification must agree to complete a minimum of 36-hours of industry-related continuing professional education every three years.

The commitment shown by OMEGA and its employees to the ETA CPP certification signifies the company’s dedication to industry excellence and increased customer satisfaction. If you want to benefit from partnering with a payments industry professional, contact OMEGA Processing today [, or (866) 888-9724].

About the Electronic Transaction Association (ETA)

Based in Washington, D.C., The ETA is the premier trade association for the global electronic payments industry, representing more than 500 companies that offer electronic transaction processing products and services.

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How can @OMEGAProcessing help you? ~ This Is My OMEGA: OMEGA Processing Solutions celebrates 10-Year Anniversary Mark with $1.5 Billion in Annual Payments Processing, expanded Data Center and National Network.

February 20, 2013

Welcome, won’t you please, Todd McHugh of OMEGA Processing Solutions.

And, welcome to “My OMEGA.”

At the end of the day, that’s sort of what it all is,” said McHugh, president of OMEGA Processing Solutions (, referring to the “trust” factor, and what it takes to grow to be a $1.5 billion payments processor.

It boils down to, it’s a trust sale; it’s a trust industry, if you will. We move roughly $1 billion a year in people’s money, in customers’ money. So …. you can’t mess that up! You’ve gotta get that right.”

Mr. McHugh was reflecting on the 10-year anniversary of OMEGA Processing, detailed in a Press Release on the company blog.

People trust us to get that right, and to make sure that money gets moved where it’s supposed to, gets deposited quickly, reliably and securely,” McHugh said.

Security is a big issue. We all see stories in the news, of people getting breached and comprised, and data security.

At OMEGA, we protect our customers. We have $100,000 insurance for all of our customers, on covering any of their losses, or any security breaches they would have. We’ve never had to use that; we’ve always been good at protecting our clients’ money.”

A perennial Inc. 5000 company (, OMEGA Processing has grown from a 2003 startup staffed by only McHugh, and his partner, CEO Scott Anderson, and a single employee, Daena Sprafka, now the Director of Merchant Operations at http://www.OMEGAP.comOMEGA Processing Solutions celebrates 10-year Anniversary - Logo

There are a lot of things that differentiate a company. I think, for us, it’s largely, when you think of OMEGA, there’s the old IBM saying, ‘Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM.‘ I like to think OMEGA as a lot like that,” McHugh added.

“If you choose us, you know you’re going to get a reliable company that moves money, that protects your money. It’s secure, and you’re gonna deal with world-class people that are going to take care of you.

We started off largely as a sales organization. We added Customer Service in-house, we added Risk in-house, we added Underwriting in-house, we added all of our Deployment in-house, so now we do everything here,” he said.

That’s a tribute to our people. We went from one person to 35 employees now. It’s something that, personally, I’m proud of, that we affect the lives of 30-some employees, that we’re making a difference in their lives, and they’re making a difference in our customers’ lives.”

McHugh, Anderson and Sprafka welcome the world to engage with OMEGA Processing. For more information, please call (866) 888-9724, visit, follow OMEGA on Twitter at @OmegaProcessing, or send Scott, Todd or Daena an email at, or

It’s really just about the people, and having good people, that you can trust, that really take their job to heart, and really enjoy what they do,” McHugh concludes.

It feels great. Ten years into the thing, and we’re still running strong, growing each year. Looking forward to another 10 years, and a great ride.”


August 8, 2012

What sets OMEGA Processing Solutions apart from our competition? For one thing, our in-house, 24/7 customer service department is a leader in the industry. Day or night, weekday or holiday, if a merchant experiences a problem or question, an OMEGA customer service representative is available to assist them.

Led by Director of Customer Service, Bruce Morris, the nine-person team includes eight Customer Service Representatives and one Retention Specialist. Merchant support is available on credit card terminal issues, tip adjustments, reports and operating system upgrades.

In addition, Customer Service Representatives train merchants on both physical and OMEGA VT (Virtual Terminals) equipment and provide assistance with statements and banking/account issues, such as  confirmation of deposits and withdrawals. Support is also available for merchants using OMEGA’s gift and loyalty card programs, including set up and modifications to existing programs.

Currently, OMEGA Customer Service supports over 16 different types of credit card terminals, check readers/imagers (including VT and associated software applications) and Point-of-Sale (POS) systems.

Beyond the typical “Help Desk” customer service issues, OMEGA representatives also handle troubleshooting on technical equipment problems, as well as contract renewals and sales of new, updated  and replacement terminals.

The center is staffed from 8 a.m. – 10 p.m., Monday through Friday and from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. on Saturdays. Staff also work rotating after-hours support shifts that cover any time a merchant would need assistance outside of normal business hours.

“We strive to give our Merchants A++ customer service,” says Morris. “Our main goal is to make sure our merchants know they have a dedicated, well-trained, hardworking team of industry knowledgeable professionals who are always working 250% for them. We hope that gives them a sense of comfort, knowing someone has their back and best interests in mind.

“Most of our customers repeatedly tell us that the level of customer service they get OMEGA far surpasses anything they’ve ever experienced with any other merchant processing company, ” Morris continues. “They take comfort in knowing that whenever they call, an actual caring, compassionate human is going to answer the phone. They like knowing that they’re not going to have to go through a maze of telephone prompts and be on hold for several minutes before getting to speak to someone.”

To sum it up, “You guys are lifesavers!” is a common compliment given to the OMEGA Processing Solutions Customer Service Team!

To reach the Customer Service, call 866.888.9724 ext. 7 or e-mail

Jump in The Pool: March Madness, OMEGA Processing, and why it’s OK for you not to like Kentucky, too

March 13, 2012

We admit it. The Dude from Memphis is doing OK.

So far, at least.

Per the rest of the nationand the world – we’ll let history be the judge of University of Kentucky Coach John Calipari, Current Dean of Basketball in a state (er, Commonwealth) that gets as jacked about its hoops as any.

Speaking of which: would you like to join our March Madness tourney?

Submit your brackets via the OMEGA Processing account at – “no ads, no spam, no software to install.” And you can join using your Facebook account.

Registration is open until tipoff, this Thursday at 12:18 p.m.

OMEGA Processing Solutions at today’s Northern Kentucky University (NKU) Job Fair 2012 – 3-6 pm in SU Ballroom, NKU Career Development Center, home of The Norse

February 22, 2012

Official NKU Job Expo 2012 Program/Training Session for today: NKU Job Expo 2012.

OMEGA Processing Solutions, LLC of Fort Thomas will be duly represented at the Northern Kentucky University (NKU) Job Fair 2012 today.

Led by OMEGA Recruiter Scott Halpin, OMEGA Processing will be joining a horde of 90 employers descending upon – hopefully – thousands of students and job seekers.

The NKU Job Fair 2012 will be held in the SU Ballroom from 3-6 p.m. today, in the NKU Career Development Center.

For more information, Mr. Halpin can be reached  at OMEGA at (859) 448-2387, and at

OMEGA is actively recruiting professionals in Sales, Product Development, Technical Support and Customer Service …. here’s a rundown on employment opportunities by OMEGA President Todd McHugh:

So …. once more, with feeeeling ….

…. here is your Official NKU Job Expo 2012 Program/Training Session for today: NKU Job Expo 2012.

Seeya at NKU Job Fair 2012!

OMEGA Processing announces The OMEGA MVP: recognizing, celebrating and promoting OMEGA Merchants, Vendors and Partners

February 3, 2012

How do you tell someone you love them?

Here’s one way: The OMEGA MVP – a program recognizing, celebrating and promoting the Merchants, Vendors and Partners who make life at OMEGA Processing so worthwhile.

The first OMEGA MVP will be announced on Monday, Feb. 6.

“The OMEGA MVP program provides us with yet another opportunity to further strengthen our relationships with merchants, vendors and partners,” said Todd McHugh, President of  OMEGA Processing Solutions.

“We want to talk with you. Despite what you hear, it’s not all gloom-and-doom. The success stories are out there. We’d like to help our merchants, vendors and partners tell theirs,” McHugh said.

Here’s the official press release: The OMEGA MVP – OMEGA Processing to recognize, celebrate and promote Merchants, Vendors and Partners.

Hit it, Little Stevie!

For additional information regarding OMEGA MVPs, contact the marketing department here at OMEGA: and/or (866) 888-9724, ext. 822.

Check back Monday! Have a great Super Bowl weekend!