Have You Heard How OMEGA’s Data Security Solutions Can Protect Your Business?

September 22, 2017

Ensuring your business has the best compliance, security, reporting, and protection solutions is a top priority at OMEGA Processing. Our Data Security Solution both protects against data breaches and assists with the services in the event one does happen.

PCI ToolKit—Tailored to your business needs, the PCI ToolKit provides specific security and compliance solutions, allowing you to reduce risk and focus on your customers.

Data Incident Management Program—A comprehensive suite of services that provide expert assistance if a breach should occur. The Data Incident Management Program will reduce exposure and risk, increase your compliance levels and save you time and money.

Vulnerability Scanning—An automatic quarterly scan of your systems can pinpoint potential vulnerable points of entry and detect cardholder data theft before the breach occurs.

Breach Insurance—Up to $100,000 in insurance protection should your business experience a breach of card/cardholder data.

Our program benefits include:

  • Easier and faster compliance
  • Reduced exposure and risk
  • Increased consumer confidence in your business
  • Competitively priced solutions
  • Award-winning solution provider

PCI compliance is essential to the wellbeing of your business—let OMEGA help keep you protected. Contact OMEGA’s Customer Service department at 866.888.9724 Ext. 7 for more information.


Does Your Data Protection Program Provide All This?

June 9, 2016

Well… the unfortunate has happened. Your business has experienced a data breach. Now what?

OMEGA Processing Solutions have peace of mind should a data breach occur. Our data protection program provides a comprehensive suite of services with expert assistance to merchants in the event of a data incident. Here is a look at what is included in our Data Incident Management Program.

Data Incident Forensic Services: A full forensic investigation, review and incident report will be conducted by a nationally recognized investigative firm if required by ANY regulatory agency. Includes the standard forensic incident assessment typically mandated by the card brands, comprising investigation, report generation and client review. Rectification services are not included ($12,000 value).

EMV POS Equipment Replacement: Up to $1,500 of EMV-compatible POS equipment or software will be provided to each merchant (MID) in the event they are formally advised or required by a regulator agency, card brand or forensic investigation to replace the equipment or software. New equipment or software is delivered directly to the merchant. ($1,500 value).

Legal Services: Affected merchants will be provided up to $10,000 in legal services from a nationally recognized law firm specializing in data loss and compromise situations. A 20 percent discount from standard firm fees is available for incidents requiring greater than $10,000 in legal services ($10,000 value).

Data Incident Notification Services: Currently 47 states and the District of Columbia have data breach notification laws in place. In the event of a potential data compromise incident, a legal team specializing in privacy matters analyzes the situation and initiates the notification process if necessary. With OMEGA Processing’s Data Incident Notification Services, the proper information is delivered to all necessary federal, state and local authorities in the correct formats and within the specified timeframes. Merchants may review and approve the notification messages before they are submitted to regulatory agencies. In addition, notification messages are reviewed by an attorney before they are submitted ($12,000 value).

Consumer Notification Services: If necessary, OMEGA Processing’s Data Incident Management Program will develop and coordinate the distribution of a notification message for your customers or donors using your mailing list. Any printing, mailing, postage costs, email electronic delivery costs, etc. are additional. ($12,000 value).

Data Incident Public Relations (PR) Management: A national-caliber PR firm will create internal messaging and communications that inform company management and staff about a data incident, as well as external messaging designed for end-users, such as consumers and customers. Additionally, if required, the PR firm will create and distribute an incident press release. Services include interviews, copywriting and design of communications and provision in appropriate format(s) for end-user distribution. Any printing or press release distribution services are additional. ($12,000 value).