OMEGA Processing is Hiring!

15 Full-Time Positions available in Sales, Customer Service, Technical Service and Support

Ten-Year Anniversary at OMEGA brings new jobs at perennial Inc. 5000 company. The rumor is true: OMEGA Day, celebrating a decade of service, announced soon.

help wantedThe family that OMEGA Processing Solutions has become, gathering soon for 10th-year festivities at the epic event known as OMEGA Day, is looking to grow the OMEGA family even larger, with 15 new full-time positions.

“We’re looking for highly-motivated, people-first, service-seeking ambassadors of the OMEGA Processing brand,” said Scott Anderson, CEO of OMEGA Processing Solutions LLC (, founded in 2003. “There are official titles, roles and responsibilities, certainly; but for starters, yes, we are looking for the best.”

“We celebrate our 10-year anniversary in 2013 with the knowledge, and the security, that we have already fielded a strong, winning team,” said Anderson’s partner, OMEGA Processing Solutions President Todd McHugh.

“But OMEGA wasn’t built in a day, and the future of OMEGA won’t be built in a day,” McHugh said. “We’ve always begun by getting the right people, putting them in the right position to be successful, and letting them do their job.”

Full-time positions are being offered by OMEGA Processing Solutions in:

  • Sales (Account Executives)
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Service and Support

Interested applicants are invited to send their resume, job history and related background information to Scott Halpin, OMEGA Processing Director of Human Resources, via

For more information about OMEGA Processing Solutions, please call (866) 888-9724, visit, follow OMEGA on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter (@OmegaProcessing), or send Scott or Todd an email at or

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