OMEGA Turns 10

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A decade down the road, OMEGA Processing Solutions of Inc. 5000 fame celebrates the people, processes and pride that turned a start-up NKy. cards and payments processor into a national player

Fort Thomas company processes $1.5 billion in annual electronic payments volume. The priorities: Online security, world-class service, and a people-first presence.

[FORT THOMAS, Ky. ~ Feb. 5, 2013] In the beginning, before the high-powered, in-house data center; before the personal, professional touch of the OMEGA-staffed call center; before the awards, accolades, community sponsorships and perennial Inc. 5000 fame; and before the thousands of merchants, vendors and partners, there was Scott, and Todd, and the first person hired by OMEGA Processing Solutions, Daena Sprafka.

Scott Anderson and Todd McHugh, company founders, are still the CEO and President, providing the vision, direction, systems security and growth strategy for the long haul.

Daena Sprafka is still there, every day, maintaining efficient and effective operations control companywide, and making sure the tens of thousands of transactions processed daily by OMEGA Processing Solutions ( leave the buyer happy, the banking systems secure, and the business owner paid.

Ten years down the road, the original Scott/Todd/Daena team has expanded exponentially with constantly-growing departments dedicated to customer service, tech support, product development, HR, sales, capital markets and a national network that recently opened a half-dozen new offices nationwide, all staffed by OMEGA Processing personnel.

“There are many things that make us special; none loom as large as the safety, and security, of the business owners who have placed their trust and faith in us, and the people here that get that job done,” said Anderson.

“We serve billion-dollar banks and the Mom-and-Pop stores on the corner, and businesses of every shape and size in between,” said McHugh. “What they all have in common, is they need to know that their deals are going to get done, their money is safe, and their information is secure.”

“The business world of 2013 has changed in ways we would never have even thought of when we started out,” said Sprafka, now the Director of Merchant Operations. “What has stayed the same, is the quality of people that OMEGA represents, the integrity of our systems, and the belief that we are doing the right thing for the people that matter the most in our lives: our families, our communities, and the clients and customers that we serve.”

The entire team at OMEGA Processing Solutions looks forward to another decade of serving the American public in general, and the consumer in particular; as well as the business owners, merchants, bankers, vendors and partners that have made OMEGA’s first 10 years so memorable.

For more information about OMEGA Processing Solutions, please call (866) 888-9724, visit, follow OMEGA on Twitter at @OmegaProcessing or send Scott, Todd or Daena an email at, or For media inquiries, please contact Mr. Andy Hemmer at or (866) 888-9724, ext. 393.

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